Why it's still ok to joke around at work

We conducted an online survey among full-time employed Canadians and Americans in order to understand how they feel about the state of humour in the workplace.

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7-in-10 agreed with the statements 

"I think people have become too sensitive these days" 

and "Society has become too politically correct"

if you aren’t using ‘humour’ to cover-up for harassing, sexist, or racist behaviour then you likely have nothing to fear.

So, relax and enjoy a few laughs, everyone will be happier, and more productive if you do!

Have you stopped joking at work for fear of crossing the line between what is and what isn't acceptable?

Do you wish everyone would stop taking things so seriously and just have a good laugh?

Good news, you're part of the majority! 59% agreed that "I wish people would laugh more at my workplace."

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